I enjoyed reading Macrorie’s explanation about how modern-day education is not taught the way it is intended to be used in the real world. Teachers tend to give specific requirements that may not be used after the project/assignment is completed. I agreed throughout the whole reading that papers should be written in a way that made sense to the writer; where he or she can express themselves to a topic that is relevant; maybe like we are, such as discourse community. In Postman’s reading, it really brought up a good point that a question to be answered by facts and research is not really a good question; but a question that is answered by another question is. They gave a great explanation with a small class that wanted to know what “right” meant in certain sentences. The students had a great arguments but they counter argued with another question, which made it a great discussion topic. I still remember back in my senior year in high school, my Europe history teacher allowed us to conclude on our own as to why certain events occurred (getting into the leaders mind), whether we ‘Strongly Disagreed, Disagreed, Agreed or Strongly Agreed”, We were put in groups with people who matched our opinions. From here we would create arguments as to why we think so bad rivaling groups would have strong counter-arguments. This allowed for discussion to happen for the whole period in class and I loved it. It let each student apply their own ideas and knowledge!



A discourse community that I’m currently apart of is the Waiting Community. I am a server/manager at a Hookah lounge. On a daily basis, I see servers making more tips then others, even though we run by rotation rather than sections to equal the amount of tables all the servers get. It got me thinking; what makes a server….good? How can one receive more tips than another even though they get an equal amount of tables?  


A picture of a hookah I managed to make for my promposal at the lounge in front of 150+ people!

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